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AQUA-MagsTM was founded by a couple of marine reef hobbyist troubled by their success. No more room for corals, and no more room in there homes for larger reef tanks.

One year after setting up a reef aquarium, the corals and fish were growing great. Unfortunately too well! It had been aquascaped like many fellow reef enthusiasts, a huge wall of live rock, with plenty of caves and ledges to mount corals. Well, it didn’t take long to run out of space!

How can swimming space for fish be created by removing live rock and still have surface area to mount corals? How can a natural reef wall be built without the live rock and make it easier to keep the bottom clean of detritus? Then it hit, “The Frag-Mag”TM. A completely reef safe, encapsulated magnetic frag plug that could be moved around the aquarium with ease. After many months of research and design, AQUA-MagsTM came up with the final product “The Frag Mag”TM.

The Rock-MagTM is a second generation product created to add immediate depth and dimension to your reef.  A magnetic rock ready to be installed in new and existing salt water reef aquariums. The Rock-Mag Jr. followed at the request of customers wanting a smaller magnetic rock to fit smaller nooks and crannies and showcase favorite corals.

We are now able to fully enjoy every square inch of our reef tanks, thanks to The Frag-MagTM and the Rock-MagTM. What was glass walls of algae, now are magical branches of Small Polyp Stony, Zoas, Ricordeas, Hammer, Torch and Frogspawn Corals. An added benefit is the simple removal of coral for fragging and treating for unwanted pests like Montipora Nudi’s and Acro Eating Flatworms.

We know you will enjoy The Frag-MagTM and the Rock-MagTM. Happy Reefing!

Our Mission

The mission of Aqua-Mags is to provide unique magnetic products to the Aquarium Hobbyist community that will enable them to fully maximize the useable area of their marine and freshwater aquariums.

About Our Products

Mobile - easily move your frags around the tank for perfect placement in flow and lighting without disruption to other reef inhabitants.

Creative Aquascaping - conceal overflows, pumps and heaters with aesthetically pleasing live coral.

Living Background - create a reef wall of living corals.

Glass Surface Utilization - maximize every square inch of your reefs glass surface area for SPS. It's not just for Algae any more!

Modular - simple removal of corals for Fraging, Trading, and Treating.

Reef Safe - no need for curing our plugs or rock. They are ready for your reef, just simply attach your frag to the Frag-Mag or the Rock-Mag with your favorite 2-part epoxy or Cyanoacrylate Adhesive.